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ANNOUNCEMENT from Branch Vice President and Program Chair, Peggy Knox

The Renaissance Community Co-op, RCC, is an exciting example of positive change here in Greensboro that is occurring because of vision, hard work, fortitude and deep-seated commitment.

Our AAUW program on Tuesday evening, October 18, will be about Greensboro’s RCC. We will hear from three interesting and inspiring women who are involved with the RCC project– Goldie Wells, Mo Kessler, and Sohnie Black.

The RCC will alleviate an 18 year food desert in North East Greensboro. With the opening of the community owned grocery store, there will be healthy living options as well as community-based economic development.

Please check out their website, https://renaissancecoop.com/  and plan to come on the 18th to hear from these informative and uplifting women.”


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