Career Development Grant 2014-2015
Veronica Hough, M.A., Humanities, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Veronica Hough has served in the field of human services and is passionate about advancing and protecting the rights of individuals. Prior to her current career in civil rights for the federal government, she worked at the county and state levels in the areas of second language acquisition and child support enforcement. After obtaining a master’s degree in peace and conflict studies, she hopes to work in alternative dispute resolution.

Educational Foundation Awards (Branch Honorees)
(Fellowship/Research & Projects)
The Foundation was established in 1958 to expand AAUW’s emphasis on Educational work and to facilitate the building of Fellowships and Research Endowments. These Fellowships (not scholarships) award funds to women scholars (fellows) for advanced research and study. Branches have the privilege of honoring a member for each $500 contribution to this fund given yearly. Greensboro members honored are:

Ernestine Milner(1972-73), Zelda Pemberton(1973-74), Julia Heinlein(1974-75), Kathleen Soles(1965-76), Willa Lawrence(1976-77), Argyle Brown(1977-78), Juanita Spaulding(1978-79), Martha Bell1979-80), Mary F. Schickedantz(1980-81), Melba Whitley(1981-82), Tommie Young(1982-83), Elizabeth Holder(1983-84), Charlotte Hurwitz(1984-85), Willa Lawrence(1984-85), Maude Williams(1985-86), Dorothy Bardolph(1986-87), Estelle Himes(1987-88), Anna Joyce Reardon(1987-88), Carolyn P. Taylor(1988-89), Gladys Van Pelt(1989-90), Mary C. Farthing(1990-91), Alberta Cuthbertson(1991-92), Mary F. Schickeciantz(1992-93), Josephine Patterson(1993-94),  Mabel Ponzer(in memory)(1993-94).
1994-95:  Sally S. Cone, Gloria Scott, Lola Spease;
1995-96: Nevada Shoffner, Ellen Gentry, Willa Lawrence, Kathleen Soles;
1996-97:  Jamie L. Bristow, Gertrude N. Morrow, Josephine Patterson, Rose Lindsay Pfaff;
1997-98:  Charlotte Y. Divitci, Ellen Gentry (in Mem), Katie Dorsett;
1998-99:  Nelda Bynum, Lila Lloyd, Julie Staley, Betty Urban;
1999-00: Roddy Hurewitz, Gina Mantura, Nannette Wilson;
2000-01: Sue Metz, Josephine Patterson, Isabelle Powell;
2001-02: Lola Spease, Lola Jackson; 2002-03: Mary Floyd, Debra Massey, Millie Hoffler-Foushee;
2003-04: Dianne Gill, Sue Mengert, Carolyn Taylor, Elizabeth Bridges;
2004-05  Linda Sarkis, Janie Dominique, Martha Sharpless;
2005-06: Everlena Diggs, Sue Mengert;
2006-07: Elaine Ostrowski, Kathryn Schmidt, Milynda Foushee. Carolyn Taylor

Dr. Shirley L. Hall Award
This award was established in 1993 to honor a member whose contribution was exemplary. Greensboro members honored are:
1993-94   Shirley Hall
1994-95   Isabelle Powell, Carolyn Taylor
1995-96   Rose Lindsey Pfaff
1996-97   Lillie Anderton-Lewis
1997-98   Lila Lloyd, Mary Stuart
1998-99   Millie Hoffler-Foushee
1999-00   Carman Wood
2000-01   Janeen Robertson
2001-02   Linda Sarkis
2002-03   Roddy Hurewitz
2003-04   Milynda Foushee
2004-05   Mary Woodrow
2005-06   Yvonne Howard
2006-07   Louise Brown

Willa Lawrence Award
This award honors a former Greensboro Branch President’s sustained leadership in the Branch. Greensboro members honored are:

1998-99   Willa Lawrence
1999-00   Karen Gray
2000-00   Gertrude Morrow
2001-00   Charlotte Divitci
2002-00   Betty Urban
2003-00   Cleta Baker
2004-00   Marilyn Cotton
2005-00   Eugenia Perkins
2006-00   Marilyn Pickney

Dr. Mary B. Floyd Award
This award was established in 2007 to honor a member whose service goes beyond her elected or appointed office in ways that contribute significantly to the Greensboro branch.

2006-07  Dr. Mary B. Floyd
Sue Mengert
Lola Jackson