College and University C/U Partnerships

College/University Team Meeting

College/University Team Meeting

Among the programs that AAUW Greensboro has helped C/U Partners implement are $tart $mart ($$),  Triad Tech Savvy, National Conference of College Women Student Leaders, and Elect Her-Campus Women Win. One of the favorites is the $tart $mart Workshop led by a trained facilitator. (Several AAUW Branch members are facilitators. It is ideal for faculty members at College/University AAUW Partners to become trained facilitators.) The three hour interactive workshop helps young women applying for career positons:
· To learn the importance of making a budget.
· To recognize the kind of research that is essential before each interview.
· To practice interview negotiation skills related to salaries and benefits.

AAUW Greensboro also annually awards two competitive scholarships to the AAUW National Conference of College Women Student Leaders held in May at the University of Maryland, College Park.

To provide these programs at AAUW Greensboro’s five active College/University Partners, we depend on the help and support of the C/U Representatives. Members of the C/U Liaison Committee assist each of the C/U Representatives in on-going ways to implement AAUW programs and to provide some of the materials needed.


Bennett College

Dr. Mary Stephens , Assistant Professor, Social Work; Dr. Valerie Johnson, Director & Mott Prof, Women’s Studies

Guilford College

Dr. Heather Hayton, Associate Professor of English;

Guilford Technical Community College

Dr. Alison Wiers, Vice President, Associate, Student Support Svcs

High Point University

Dr. Jenn Brandt, Director of Women’s and Gender Studies; Dr. Alixandra Yanus, Assistant Professor of Political Science

North Carolina A&T State University

Dr. Margaret Kanipes, Associate Professor of Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Beth Bernhardt, Jackson Library; Dr. Lakshmi Iyer, Director of Graduate Information Systems & Supply Chain Management

Career Development Grant 2014-2015
Veronica Hough, M.A., Humanities, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Veronica Hough has served in the field of human services and is passionate about advancing and protecting the rights of individuals. Prior to her current career in civil rights for the federal government, she worked at the county and state levels in the areas of second language acquisition and child support enforcement. After obtaining a master’s degree in peace and conflict studies, she hopes to work in alternative dispute resolution.