AAUW Greensboro members supporting Greensboro History Museum

There is an excellent exhibit at the Greensboro History Museum entitled “Teachers on the Frontline of School Desegregation”. It will be there only until Sunday, April 8 so this is its last week! This display was developed by Greensboro’s Ever Achieving Retired Teachers Club. Our own Everlena Diggs was instrumental in putting this exhibit together as was Lena Murrill-Chapman. The museum brochure describes the exhibit in this way “This sheds light on the lives and work of educators during desegregation. On the front lines of these changes, African American teachers in Guilford County (and that included our own AAUW members) faced racially mixed classrooms, suspicious parents and distrustful administrators. Their struggle against that fear and doubt is a story that needs to be heard.” There are pictures from that period including ones of Everlena and Lena. If you’re able to get out to see the exhibit before it closes, you’ll be very glad you did.


The Teachers on the Frontline of School Desegregation Exhibit features artifacts, photos and video interviews that illustrate how educators worked to win students’ trust, demanded respect from parents and school administration, and built their own network of mutual support in the Black Educators Caucus, established in 1975.

Some of the Ever Achieving Retired Teachers will also be participating in Lifted Voices: African American History on Saturday, February 17, from 1 to 4 pm. Lifted Voices is a free, family-friendly living history program where costumed interpreters bring to life people and stories from Greensboro’s past.

The Community Voices space in the museum lobby hosts rotating displays developed and produced by local organizations to highlight significant, sometimes unknown, events in our city’s history. Teachers on the Frontline of School Desegregation is on view in this space through Sunday, April 8.

The Greensboro History Museum, 130 Summit Ave., is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday from 2-5 pm. For more information about this and other programs, visit our www.GreensboroHistory.org.