Parents and Students Registered for IT Is for Girls Camp August 3 through 7, 2020

Parents and guardians of students participating in AAUW Greensboro IT Is For Girls virtual camp-in-a-backpack

August 8, 2020 UPDATE Our camp has concluded and we were thrilled with the turn out of parents and guest to celebrate the accomplishments of our students and leaders in the closing ceremonies. We especially want to thank our speakers and presenters during the week, and we encourage parents and students to send them your thoughts of appreciation:

KeeAnia Kinkacha

Jocelyn Marincek  

Ali Karimoddini, Associate Professor Autonomous Cooperative Control of Emergent Systems of Systems ACCESS 

Ira Wendell Bates Mr. Ira Wendell Bates will be leading the discussions for the breakout session for Robotics (Track 1) 

Jane Nickles City of Greensboro Chief Information Officer 

Karreem Hogan Mr. Kareem Hogan will be leading the discussions breakout session for the track Internet of Things (Track 2). 

Leila Hashemi Beni 1:00 to 1:30: Lab tour: Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs); Drs. Karimoddini and Hashemi 

Hicks-Few, Maria City of Greensboro Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer 

Mubbashar A Khan, Postdoc ACCESS Laboratory Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering North Carolina A&T State University 

Cummings, Paige S  City of Greensboro Emergency Communications Supervisor 

Terra McKee  Miss Terra Mckee will be leading the discussions for the breakout session for Drones for Agriculture and Environmental Applications (Track 3) 

William Gray who would be leading the breakout session with Miss Terra Mckee for Drones for Agriculture and Environmental Applications (Track 3)

July 30, 2020 UPDATE! IT is for Girls Zoom Schedules

July 13, 2020 UPDATE! camp 2020 SCHEDULE

July 12, 2020 UPDATE! – location for SCHEDULED backpack pickup

2304 Summit Avenue (the GPS/navigator address may be 2400 Summit Avenue) 27405. This is the home of North Carolina Creative Aging Network. We are in the small house near the street. You may take any available parking place, come up the ramp, wear face covering, distance 2 meters apart. A volunteer will meet you at the doorway.

JULY 10, 2020 UPDATE! – next steps:

I. Saturday July 11th 10 a.m.

First Five minutes of Zoom call Parent Orientation   video of Laura Tew’s opening remarks

Forty eight minutes of Zoom call Parent Orientation – video of Christa Simaan, camp coordinator, and the four Program Leaders Suhani, Janice, Hope, and Kimberly

KoduPresentation – Janice Wong

II. Schedule your backpack pick up time HERE.


III. NCWIT PROGRAM PORTALS – All students will receive an introduction to each of these programs from our wonderful high school Leaders. Each student will select ONE of these program for their camp project.

Robots on the Run  Ready to meet the robot you’ll be working with? Click on this link:

Ko Do IT Gaming  Students should have already downloaded Kodu onto their Windows/Mac systems and we will troubleshoot any start-up issues that arise. There will be a few offline assignments to help keep everyone on the same page and solidify the concepts they learned during our sessions.

Codeista During this camp we will use Alice, a block-based programming interface that reflects more complex languages like Java and Python, to create 3D animations and interactive games.

Arduino Internet of Things  During this program, we will learn about the Internet of Things! If you want some more information about IoT, visit this website:!



Parent letters June 14 mailmerge template

2020 IT Is For Girls program and backpack explanation for parents 

Credit Card or Paypal Portal

IT IS FOR GIRLS 2020 is a home-based and online camp, with supplies provided for each student in a handy backpack. The AAUW support team and our NCWIT Leaders are preparing four programs: Robots on the Run, KoDoIT, Codeista, and Arduino Internet of Things. Information provided here will help parents and students understand the basics of these programs using portals and information prepared by the Leader and assistant instructors.

Each pre-registered and paid student will Select and register for one of the four programs. Students will develop projects to solve challenging issues using the technology track they they have selected. Students will also receive several sessions on career explorations based on technology in use by the City of Greensboro. Enrichment sessions by grade will include speaker and activities to boost confidence and provide ideas for further growth in the use of technology.