November 13 Branch Program – speaker Shari Rothenberg

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 6 p.m. Celebrating the Season – the hospitality committee will organize homemade goodies to brighten the evening. Speaker: Shari Rothenberg

Shari Riva Rothenberg will share how staying true to oneself and keeping balance in one’s life are important if one is to be “A Woman on a Mission – Building Bridges and Breaking Barriers”. Through her experiences in the corporate world, office manager at the Greensboro Children’s  Museum, choosing to take on a life-changing decision to back to college to earn a teaching degree (a great way to positively impact our future generation in so many ways), and now a teacher – Shari will share how she transitioned to be the person she is today. Deciding that being physically fit would be important to her success, she challenges herself to doing just that.   As a modern woman of the Jewish faith, she found that going back to her roots added peace to her busy life. She has also become a community activist advocating for her students and her community. She will share her humbling yet empowering experience of when she recently spent the day in Raleigh along with 30,000 other educators and was part of the Rally for Respect, a movement that made history.  She accepted a challenge to learn classical guitar well enough to be a member of the Piedmont Classical Guitar Society and recently returned from playing at the international world-famous Concert Hall in downtown Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. She has also agreed to play some classical guitar for us!

Our members will also have the opportunity to hear from our 3 NCCWSL attendees. They will make a brief presentation to share ideas and skills gained at  NCCWSL and describe their plans for doing something related to those ideas and skills on their home campus during the Fall Semester, 2018. This should be quite interesting!