Tuesday November 6 ELECTION DAY!!


This important mid-term election will decide the makeup of the US House of Representatives. Members are elected every two years. Local incumbent House members are Ted Budd of the 13th District and Mark Walker of District 6. To check to see which district you live in, and to print out your SAMPLE BALLOT, click on the Voter Lookup link above.

In North Carolina there are six amendments to the state constitution on the ballot. If this seems excessive, you are correct! Our current NC Constitution is comprised of a Preamble and 14 Articles each of which has several sections. Be informed. If the new amendments being offered on the ballot do not provide a clear benefit to you and other North Carolinians, we must vote AGAINST.

In the local area, many of you may be part of a shake up in precinct or district lines which will cause you to have to vote at a different location or to vote in a race that you may not have experienced before. Lines are being redrawn for NC State Senate Districts 27 and 28, currently occupied by Trudy Wade and Gladys Robinson, are redrawn slightly.