Triad Tech Savvy 2019

A completely NEW Triad Tech Savvy, the exciting one-day camp that expands the minds and abilities of fourth through eighth grade girls. REGISTRATION OPEN

Students will enroll in tracks and stay in their groups with the team of instructors for the entire day.

SMART CODE OF LIFE – introduction to integrated tech tools (MIT app inventor, Internet of Things, Robotics) with entrepreneurial tools to show students how to take an idea that solves a problem and implement it for introduction to the world. Students will also get a taste of how the future technologies such as neural networking and artificial technology will change the way we live and work.

PROJECT A+ – computer engineering for pre-teens, students will learn the parts of a computer, trouble shoot pre-assembled computers (with a problem!), and be motivated to student technology hardware. Tinkering has never been more fun.

Curriculum Based Science a) BIOLOGY, a broad field with a future, students will study genetics, microscopy, biomathematics, and meet biologist who are studying environmental science. This is the perfect track for students who are inquisitive about living things. b) CHEMISTRY, from nanoscience through the universe, students will learn how elements are generated with stars and deposited on planets, how molecules turn into polymers, why chemistry is essential in the kitchen and the bath, how material science make nanoengineering possible. c) LOBBY ACTIVITIES See how the Girls Scouts do STEM. Table displays, including robotics.